Allulose is a natural “rare sugar” naturally present in only a few foods like wheat, figs, and raisins. It is 100% natural and is a sugar. However, Allulose does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels and has only about 1/10 the calories of table sugar. Further, because the body does not metabolize Allulose, it can be subtracted from the total carbohydrates. With a taste profile and texture described as “identical to sugar,” but with fewer calories and no insulin spikes, we believe Allulose is a better-for-you natural way to sweeten our baked goods.

Soluble Corn Fiber is a type of dietary fiber made from cornstarch used to thicken and sweeten foods. It has a low glycemic index that won’t spike your blood sugar. It also acts as a prebiotic in the digestive system. Soluble Corn Fiber is an essential and beneficial ingredient in our better-for-you snacks and treats.

Net carbs refer to carbs that are digested or absorbed by the body. Some carbs, like Fiber and Allulose, can’t be broken down by the body and can be subtracted from the total carbs. Thus, net carbs = Total Carbs – Fiber – Allulose.

That varies by location. However, we fulfill all orders placed by 1:00 Est on the same day and ship Monday – Friday, excluding holidays. We encourage you to use the tracking number provided to you by email for the most accurate answer. In general, east coast orders take 2 – 3 days, Midwest and Southern states 2 – 4 days. And the West Coast takes 4 – 6 days.

Our products will last approximately six months in the freezer. At room temperature, our products will last 30 days from the date they are shipped. The product expiration date is displayed on the product label.

We are passionate about bringing everyone better-for-you, great-tasting, baked treats that taste like the original. We have spent years of R&D to make sure we get you a better-for-you alternative to your favorite treats. For us, better-for-you means protein powered, fiber filled, low-sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and lower calories treats that satisfy your hunger.

We are glad you asked. You won’t see much fiber in most sweet baked goods. Fiber offers numerous health benefits, and we love it for a few reasons. 1) It makes you feel full. Who wants to finish their afternoon treat and not feel satisfied? 2) It helps to normalize your blood sugar levels preventing sugar spikes.

Commonly protein is a great source of energy. Which means our treats don’t just taste good but they can provide a boost of energy for your day. It’s also a great way to curb hunger. Paired with all the fiber in our products you can be assured of a satisfying snack.

Never! In fact how we make sweet treats without a lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners is part of the magic that makes Barbell Bake Shop so special. A lot goes into making something sweet without a bunch of sugar and with no artificial sweeteners. It’s a combination of allulose, sweetness from soluble corn fiber and in some cases sugar or chocolate chips that gives our products a natural tasting sweetness.

Absolutely! In fact freezing the products extends the shelf life to 6 months from date of shipment. And some of our products are great to eat frozen. Try eating the Black and White Cookie straight form the freezer….we think you’ll love it.

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