‘Healthy’ is a way of life, and healthy eating is a part of that. But for many, healthy eating is a source of frustration and difficulty. Grocery shopping becomes a struggle. Favorite foods become a source of shame. With so much conflicting information, it’s hard to know where to start.

Barbell Bake Shop makes it easy.

Barbell Bake Shop by Holiva was founded by a Hispanic-led group of health-conscious men and women with a love for food and over 60 combined years of experience in making it for some of Americas largest brands. We create better-for-you products, so you can enjoy the food you love without guilt. Each product is custom tailored for the perfect balance of flavor and nutrition. And we use real ingredients, not substitutes, because there’s no substitute for good health.

At Barbell Bake Shop, we know that restrictive eating habits, fad diets and extreme deprivation don’t work. So we’re not here to do that. We’re here to help people to develop healthier eating habits, one delicious bite at a time. Our goal is simple: to make eating better easier. We do it by approaching food in a more thoughtful way. A better way.

A healthier way. The Barbell Bake Shop way.

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Our Pillars


Be well fed in every way that matters.

Eating well and eating healthy are often two different things. But what if they didn’t have to be? We like food. We believe healthy eating should be a joyful experience. That’s why our food doesn’t skimp on flavor, texture or variety. Emotional fulfillment is just as important and physical nourishment. We provide both.



Change happens one bite at a time.

Eating better is a marathon, not a sprint. Slow progress is still progress—and progress is good. Barbell Bake Shop supports progress at your pace with a wide selection of better-for-you foods made with real ingredients. Eat the things you love, knowing that each delicious bite is just another step towards a healthier you.



Our knowledge. Your gains.

Food is a science, but it’s also an art. And Barbell Bake Shop’s is made with decades of research and experience. Everything we make has been crafted with care and relentlessly improved until we achieved both great taste and nutrition. That’s why we can confidently say our food is better for you. It was made that way.

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Our Values & Vision

At Barbell Bake Shop, we believe health is the truest wealth. And eating well is a big part of health.

We believe good, clean food shouldn’t be difficult to understand or access. Everyone deserves to eat well and feel great. Whether you’re an athlete looking to fuel your heaviest lifts, a student looking to build better habits, a new mom with no time to read nutritional labels or a senior living your most vibrant life, Barbell Bake Shop is committed to helping you reach your goals.

We take a different approach to food, one free of guilt, shame and restriction. We approach food in a more thoughtful way, always rooted in research and experience. We take out the junk but keep the joy. And the goodness. And the flavor. We believe better-for-you food is the basis of sustainable change.

We believe any progress is good progress. We believe small improvements can make a big impact. We believe change can happen one bite at a time. And we’re committed to making eating better easier.

That’s the Barbell Bake Shop pledge.

Empowering Healthier Living.

In today’s busy world it can be hard to prioritize your own well-being. And with so much conflicting nutritional advice, it’s easy to feel lost and confused. Barbell Bake Shop can help you get started. We empower your journey to healthier living through food—and not dry, joyless protein bars, either. We make real food that tastes good and is better for you. With such a wide variety of products to choose from, Barbell Bake Shop easily fits into your day-to-day life. Eating healthy has never been easier… or tasted better.


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