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Black & White 4oz. Protein Cookie (2-Pack)

Our Black and White cookie weighs 4 ounces and is sold in a:

  • 2-pack (standard)
  • 6-pack
  • 12-pack
  • 24-pack

These cookies are 5-inches in diameter and have a soft texture that crumbles in your mouth. Your taste buds will experience a symphony of vanilla flavoring with delicious chocolate, very similar in taste to the original Black and White cookie, but instead packed with wheat flour and whey protein. These cookies are the only ones on the market that offers a protein rich, fiber-full, and low-sugar Black and White cookie. Other essential ingredients that are incorporated into this delectable protein cookie are prebiotic vegetable fiber, soluble corn fiber, and allulose, which are powerful tools for managing diabetes.

Whether you are sharing our cookies with a someone special or hosting a get together, you and your guests will enjoy every bite.

Black & White 4oz. Protein Cookie (6-Pack)

Although we have packaging options based on how many you want, it is recommended to purchase our protein cookies in bulk, especially if you are someone who enjoys meal planning. For example, purchasing a 6-pack will ensure you will have approximately one cookie per day, so your meals are balanced and, of course, delicious. This also helps you accurately count your macros and calorie intake when your meals are pre-planned for the upcoming week, rather than ordering multiple times to make sure you have enough.

Black & White 4oz. Protein Cookie (12-Pack)

Did you know we offer free shipping on our 12-packs of our protein cookies? Knowing this, why would you waste the extra money on fewer cookies? This gives you more treats, 2 weeks of pre-planned meals, and more money in your pocket. 

Black & White 4oz. Protein Cookie (24-Pack)

If you thought free shipping on the 12-pack of our protein cookies was special, think again. For our 24-packs of the protein cookies, we offer free shipping and a 10% discount! If you are someone who prefers to plan out your meals for future weeks, this option would be suitable for you since you would not have to think about restocking your protein cookies until the next month. It is less on your mind, more money in your pocket – a no brainer.

Best Whey Protein Cookies Made with Plant Fiber for Sale Online

Packed with protein, nutrition-based ingredients, and a healthy lifestyle on our mind, our protein cookies are a great source and added treat for those who prioritize healthy lifestyles, keep workout agendas, and maintain fitness regiments who seek a healthy, high-protein, fiber filles, low sugar cookie that tastes delicious. Whether you want to eat them for breakfast, pre-workout, post-workout, or after dinner, our cookies keep the commitment to fitness and emphasis on healthy protein products are at the forefront.

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