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Chocolate Protein Brownies

A classic, chocolatey treat good for snacks or desserts. Our rich, chocolatey brownie is unique with 13 grams of protein to give your active lifestyle an extra dose of protein. Add in a whopping 20 grams of fiber to satisfy your hunger and improve digestive health. With only 7 grams of sugar, our brownie has fewer calories, more protein, more fiber, and only 15% of the sugar of any typical chocolate brownie.

Our chocolate protein brownies measure 3 inches wide by 3 inches long by .75 inches tall, weigh 4 ounces, and have a shelf life of 30-days at room temperature or up to 6-months in the freezer. (Pro tip:  Warm them up a bit in toaster oven and top with a little light ice cream for a better-for-you desert).

Chocolate Protein Brownies Sold in 2-Pack, 6-Pack, 12-Pack, or 24-Pack

We have packaging options for all your brownie craving needs. As with most household items, we recommend buying our chocolate brownies in bulk, especially if you are someone who enjoys planning out snacks or meals ahead of time. On all of our 12-packs of brownies, we offer free shipping. For our 24-packs of our chocolate brownies, we offer free shipping plus an additional 10% off your purchase.

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