Good Protein Snacks to Eat After Your Workout

Good Protein Snacks to Eat After Your Workout

If you are either seeking to embark on a weight loss journey, build up muscle mass, or live a healthy and active lifestyle, protein is an essential nutrient that supports these needs. Let's discuss protein, how it effects the body, why consuming protein after a workout promotes muscle growth, and conclude with some recommendations for delicious protein snacks that will provide your body with the fuel it needs.

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Why is Protein Important for Workout Recovery?

Protein is one of, if not the most important, macronutrient your body needs for workout recovery. After a workout, your body has exhausted its energy resources and needs fuel to rebuild, strengthen and energize its muscles so it can continue for the rest of the day. Even if you do not go to the gym as often as others, your body still requires protein to build and grow. Along with protein, carbohydrates and fat are essential for the body as well since they each play a pivotal role in your body’s overall health. So it is important to consume snacks that offer all three! Most importantly, it is critical to avoid any type of protein myth, which you can read about here: Protein Snack Myth Busting.


Is consuming Protein better before or after a workout?

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Research has suggested that it does not matter when you eat protein, whether it is before or after a workout. Protein plays an important role in repairing and rebuilding muscle after intense strength training exercise, so as long as your body has had protein within an hour before or after exercising, it will have what it needs to reenergize and grow. If you did choose to eat protein before a workout, your body will kickstart protein synthesis, which gives your body energy to fuel and refuel during the workout.


What are Some Great Post-Workout Protein Snacks?

  1. It provides the protein to rebuild your muscles.
  2. It provides both protein and fat.
  3. Black & White Protein Cookie. It’s high in protein and fiber, with only 3g of added sugar.
  4. It provides energy and replenishes glycogen storage in the body.
  5. Hard-boiled Eggs. They provide healthy amino acids that will restock your energy stores.
  6. Chocolate Chip Mini Cake. It is rich in protein and fiber, with no added sugar or fat.
  7. Protein Shake. This gives your body a boost of energy and protein while restrengthening your muscles.
  8. Peanut Butter and Apple Slices. It gives the perfect combination of carbohydrates and protein that refuels your body.
  9. They are rich in potassium which can prevent cramping and dehydration.
  10. Nuts (Almonds). They come jam packed with protein and are absorbed quickly.
  11. Beef Jerky. They are loaded with proteins your body needs.
  12. Grilled Chicken with Veggies. Although a meal, you can make small cup-sized portions for quick snacks. It provides the nutrients from vegetables and lean protein from the chicken that gives your body a well-rounded meal or snack to revitalize.


Don’t Forget to Talk to Your Doctor or Nutritionist!

Although there is an endless supply of helpful information on the internet to pick and choose from, it is always recommended to talk with your doctor or nutritionist about which protein snacks would be the best for your body. Since each and every one of us are different in a unique way, one diet that your friend might be doing may not be the best one for your body. Based on your specific goals, dietary restrictions, and overall health, your doctor or nutritionist will outline a detailed plan for your eating habits.


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