Do All Protein Snacks Taste Bad?

Do All Protein Snacks Taste Bad?

We hate to break it to you, but not every protein snack tastes great. While each ingredient plays a role in the taste and nutritional value the snack will have, some combinations are just not up to bar for our taste buds. Let's discuss why some protein bars and protein snacks might not make the cut as far as flavor goes, what causes this, why you would need to consume a protein snack, and some suggestions for delicious protein snack options that look good and will have your taste buds craving for more.

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Let’s Be Honest…Some Protein Snacks Just Don’t Taste Good

We have all been there when we see a eye-catching label in the grocery store and feel compelled to buy it and try it. But once we try it, we feel like we’ve been lied to due to its horrid taste. For example, when you see a protein bar that is labeled to taste exactly like a fudge brownie when it actually takes like bitter dark chocolate instead of the mouth-watering, rich chocolate taste you were hoping for. At Barbell Bake Shop, we believe in being transparently nutritious in not only the ingredients we put into our protein snacks, but also taste the way delectable treats are supposed to taste. Protein snacks should both be good for you and taste delicious.


What Makes a Protein Snack Taste Bad?

a woman eating a protein bar and giving a thumbs down for the taste

Many factors could come into play that causes a protein snack to taste poorly. Most of the time, however, the ingredients are the culprits. Sometimes it may be the protein concentrates that a provider uses in their snacks is not the highest quality or might not the best for you, which will definitely affect its overall taste. Sometimes, the types of artificial sweeteners that go into the protein snack are not sweet at all, making the snack bitter and far less enjoyable. Sometimes protein snacks will often include preservatives, emulsifiers, and bulking agents that preserves and alters the texture of the bar. These can add strange tastes to the protein snack.


Tips on How to Find the Perfect Protein Snack (or Bar)

When it comes down to it, the main reason we look for and enjoy the best protein snacks are because of the convenience. But is important to know what you should look out for, so you find the perfect protein snack or protein bar.

What to Look For – Look for protein bars that have more than 6g of fiber, 5g of protein, and no more than 6-8g of sugar. Look for bars that are nut based since they contain the “good” fats your body craves. Look for protein bars that are within a certain calorie range (140-200 calories for women; 170-300 calories for men).

What to Stay Away From – Watch out for trans fats or saturated fats! Stay away from protein bars that are super calorie dense. Protein snacks and bars that are high in sugar can elevate your body’s blood sugars and cause bloating and abdominal discomfort.

Be sure to check out one of our other posts about good protein snack choices for a deeper drive into what you should look for before you purchase your next protein bar or snack.


In the End, Not All Tastebuds are Created Equal

Everyone is different in their own unique way, all the way down to our tastebuds. Just like how some people prefer strawberries over blueberries, warm chocolate over dark chocolate, etc., what we might choose as our favorite protein snack might not be a favorite for someone else. That’s why it is critically important, as an industry expert, to create and provide a variety of delicious, and nutritious, protein snacks that appeal to a wide range of taste preferences.


Protein Snacks That Taste as Good as They Look

a man eating a chocolate protein brownie from Barbell Bake Shop and smiling about the taste

Even though that your local grocery store, gym/fitness center, and online store may sell distasteful protein snacks/bars, they are not the only solutions on the market that can fulfill your taste buds with the flavor they crave. Barbell Bake Shop offers a variety of easily accessible, better-for-you protein snack options that not only make your body feel energized but satisfied due to the delicious flavor and taste! If you tend to crave protein snacks on the sweeter side of life, our Black & White Cookies are packed full of amazing ingredients and taste that will have you saying goodbye to the only-average protein snacks that failed. And rest assured, they are delicious as they look!

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